Project Description

These are Earring Backing cards for a jewellery designer in Sydney, Salli. She owns Little My Yummy Mummy (Little MYYM) and was ready to take her business up a notch – shw was moving into wholesale.

Salli did not want run of the mill, cardstock backing cards for her stunning modern jewellery. She wanted something to help her brand stand out. These bamboo display cards (in two sizes) were just the thing.

Laser engraved bamboo swingtags are a great alternative to plastic and cardstock. Bamboo is a very environmentally friendly product – just throw it in the compost and it breaks down. It is quick to grow and has minimal processing. Our studio runs on solar and 100% accredited Green Power, so even the engraving side of the production is green.

There is no comparison with plastic and cardstock – Bamboo has a very natural feel, is tactile and unusual – highlighting branding differences and giving the jewellery a great backdrop.